Jai Guruji

Journey of
Anubhav Agrawal

My name is Anubhav Agrawal, and I'm a writer turned influencer. Yes, because, I started writing as my hobby, later then, it became my passion and now I write to heal people with broken hearts and hopes, for those who are in depression, to influence people and showing them the bright side of everything which happens. People tend to sum up things about life at so early age that their hope to live more gets vanished. I have seen people begging in relationship, I've seen people dying just because of depression.

A fight against depression is an initiative to fix all those who are fighting with depression, anxiety, and such mental issues which can be fixed with just reading a blog and implementing everything written in it.

In 2016, when I was going through the tough times of my life. I wanted to pour my emotions somewhere because it was getting heavy on my head, I was too getting depressed due to all this. Later then, I started writing on Instagram under the handle, iwritewhatyoufeel and slowly slowly, the love of people towards my words became my motivation to post 3-4 quotes everyday. The page grew till 60,000 followers but due to some bans, it couldn’t grow after that. I struggled for almost 1 year and the count was still 60,000. A writer who's handling a page and writing on it, his motivation to write everyday is his growing community, and when it gets stop, he starts getting demotivated, same happened with me.

Later then, In Dec 2018, I created a new page with the same username but, I was still using my old way to make the audience feel my words. But, in June 2019, when I came back from Oman, I started working on changing the content of my page, because writing quotes was getting out of fashion, people were getting used to of reading quotes and also, a lot of people were already writing quotes. I didn't want to be the one following the same thing. I created a poetry and posted it on my Instagram. The response of the people was overwhelming. The post touched 100k views and that's how it all started.

In just 1 year, we reached to 1.6 Million followers. These little poetries have been watched more than 600 Million times across all platforms in just 6 months. Phewww! So much love by the people and I pray to God each day to give me more strength to write more and spread more positive vibes about love and relationships. I love my fam and pray to God that all those who are going through the worst phases of their life, get recovered soon.