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Welcome to the official website of Iwritewhatyoufeel. One of the biggest community of poetry on social media in India. Founded by Anubhav Agrawal in 2016. Iwritewhatyoufeel is popular among youngsters for it's Hindi Motivational poetry, Fictional and Real Stories with black background, a soulful music, texts floating over and of course with the #VoiceOfAnubhav.

A fight against depression is what the motive of this website is. He solely writes on various topics related to depression and different phases of the relationship we all are going through. By applying his blogs in your real life, you can definitely see the change in you, you'll find yourself becoming a better person everyday. A change is not good, but a change which is helping you to get out of all the mess of your life, is what you need.

In this website, He'll be writing a lot of blogs on such topics which people can relate to themselves and by practicing those activities, they'll surely feel free and alive. If we talk about depression, then we can say that it comes especially from toxic relationships with the people and he has created a lot of videos already on my social platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Links are below. And, to be honest, relationship problems are not something to be ignored. A person invests his feelings, emotions and soul in a relationship and when things don't work out, it gets really toxic to breathe even.

So, with the experience of 4 years, your favorite has come up with online emotional wellness, in which he will write various blogs related to different aspects of life and relationships and help you with as much information as possible. "I'm thankful to my beloved Guruji for blessing me with the community of a million people who believe in my work and words, who believe that there's one person who can get them throughout their bad phases by just listening to my poetry and reading my blogs regularly." That's all. Enjoy your time here.

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A message to all the readers.

"It doesn't matter what's your age, start from today with a motive to bring the change, not just in your life, but the people's life as well. Do something for the society, help them to recover and give them hope that nothing's over. You can do wonders as long as you're alive. Don't waste time, start from today."